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Generating Terrain from Heightmaps in Unity 3D…
In this Unity 3d tutorial we’ll go over how to create terrain very quickly using a heightmap of a canyon image. We’ll be using Photoshop to create the RAW image we need for this heightmap then import it into Unity.


We’ll discuss the different settings that you need to look out for to ensure that your heightmap is properly setup to generate our terrain effectively.

Create high detailed sculpting brushes in Blender from any 3d-model – speed tutorial

Use mist pass to generate detailed sculpting brushes in Blender
from any 3d-model. Here is few interesting brushes I’ve done with this method:……
List of brush ideas:
Screw head
Machine parts and greebles
Ears and eyes / other face parts
seams for clothing
cloth parts
bullet holes
explosion / meteor craters
brick wall
hole in wall / ceiling
ocean waves

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